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Institute of Geography and Sustainability of the University of Lausanne
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Between Abyss and Metamorphosis: an interdisciplinary approch to the development of tourist resorts

Resort development raises not only the question of rise and decline of tourism, but also of the change of place qualities. In their longer or shorter history, resorts undergo urbanisation processes, economic restructuring, changes of governance, etc. Especially, the importance of tourism within the local system is variable over time. We work with three idealtypical trajectories of resorts: 1) a constant reinvestment in the tourism sector, process we call “relay”; 2) a breakdown of tourism, process we call “abyss”; 3) a transformation of a resort in a city, where tourism plays a less important role, process we call “metamorphosis”. How this variability of resort development can be further qualified and explained? The research show resorts engage a specific touristic capital within a global tourism field. The differential capacity of accumulating and engaging resources, governance, image, monetary incomes urban qualities and knowledge in the tourism field is seen as a significant aspect of resort development.

Research fields Cultures and natures of tourism
Keywords No keywords linked to this project.
Funding Swiss National Science Foundation
Duration November 2011 - April 2015
Researchers Clivaz Christophe
Crevoisier Olivier
Guex Delphine
Stock Mathis


Clivaz, C., Nahrath, S. et Stock, M. (2011). Le développement des stations touristiques dans le champ touristique mondial. Mondes du Tourisme (No hors série «Tourisme et mondialisation»), 276-286. Info
Darbellay, F., Clivaz, C., Nahrath, S. et Stock, M. (2011). Approche interdisciplinaire du développement des stations touristiques. Le capital touristique comme concept opératoire. Mondes du tourisme, 4: 36-48. Info