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Flood risk management in two Moroccan watersheds: Fès and Beni Mellal

The project concerns two Moroccan watersheds in urbanised areas: Fès and Beni Mellal. The research is carried out through two PhD theses, one at the University of Fès (Mohamed Lasri), concerning Fès watershed, the other one at the University of Lausanne (Gabriela Werren), concerning Beni Mellal watersheds. The research is divided in four main steps: (1) Geomorphological mapping and cartography of human impacts on hydrology (urban extension, communication network, water embankments, etc.). This phase allows us to elaborate a map of phenomena and a map of vulnerability. (2) Hydrological analysis of both watersheds. (3) Elaboration of an indicative map of flood hazards of both watersheds (scale 1:25'000). The map is realised using the Swiss hazard mapping approach and hydrological imputs by the Moroccan partners (4) Synthesis and elaboration of recommendations for water managers. The project is aimed at improving integral management of hydrological hazards in Morocco, in close relationship with territorial management issues, as well as reinforcing University co-operation between Switzerland and Morocco.

Research fields Alpine studies
Water and geoheritage
Mountains and process geomorphology
Water Resources Management
Water Resources Management
Keywords GIS
Flood risk
Water management
Funding Swiss agency for development and cooperation (SDC)
Duration July 2009 - December 2013
Researchers Balin Daniela (Hydrologist)
Lambiel Christophe (Geomorphologist)
Reynard Emmanuel (Project co-ordinator)
Werren Gabriela Georgeta (PhD student)


Werren, G. and Lasri, M. (2014). Cartographie du danger d'inondation : guide pratique pour l'application de la méthode suisse au Maroc. Institut de géographie et durabilité, Université de Lausanne et Laboratoire d'analyses géo-environnementales et d'aménagement, Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fès. Info
Werren, G. (2013). Maps as risk mitigation tools. Adaptation of the Swiss hazard assessment and mapping methodology to a Moroccan site: Beni Mellal. Géovisions 44. Université de Lausanne, Institut de géographie et durabilité. ISBN 978-2-940368-19-8. Info
Reynard, E., Lasri, M., Werren, G., Obda, K., Amyay, M., Taous, A., Balin, D. and Lane, S. (2012). Étude des dangers d'inondation dans les bassins de Fès et Beni Mellal. Analyse hydrologique, carte indicative des dangers, étude de la vulnérabilité et recommandations. Lausanne, Fès: Institut de géographie et durabilité et LAGEA. Info
Reynard, E., Werren, G., Lasri, M., Obda, K. et El, K.Y. (2012). Cartes des phénomènes d'inondation de deux bassins versants marocains: problèmes méthodologiques. Mémoires de la Société vaudoise des Sciences naturelles, 25: 61-71. Info
Reynard, E., Lasri, M., Werren, G., Obda, K., Amyay, M. and Taous, A. (2011). Carte des phénomènes d'inondation des bassins de Fès et Beni Mellal. Rapport. Institut de géographie, Université de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne: Institut de géographie, Université de Lausanne; LAGEA, Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fès. Info

View of Beni Mellal

Torrential deposits

Embankment in an area subject to flood hazards

Bridge with underestimated water section

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