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Institut de géographie et durabilité de l'Université de Lausanne
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ESPON -FOCI Future orientation of Cities

Lead Partner : Free University of Brussels – IGEAT – Morritz Lennert The major objectives of project FOCI are to analyse The functionality, trends and opportunities of European cities in terms of competitiveness, social cohesion and environment The relation of cities to their hinterland, especially their role as growth poles /motors The existing and potential « polycentric » inter-city cooperation for increasing competitiveness and service provision and to use the results of these analyses to develop scenarios of the possible futuredevelopment paths of cities in order to provide input to the policy making process.

Domaines de recherche Études urbaines
Dynamiques urbaines
Ville et économie
Analyse de graphes
Mot-clefs Urbanisation
Effets territoriaux
Aménagement du territoire
Etudes urbaines
Politique régionale
Financement Supported by ESPON (European Spatial Planning organizational Networks) : European Commission – 2008-2011 Support for UNIL : 150.000 CHF
Durée Décembre 2008 - juin 2011
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